What Really Causes Performance Problems?

Every IT shop has its problems with performance: some localized, and some that span a server, or even multiple servers. Technologists tend to treat these problems as isolated incidents – solving one, then another, and then another. This happens especially when a problem is recurring but intermittent. When a slowdown or error happens every so often, it’s far too easy to lose the big picture.

Some shops suffer from these issues for years without ever getting to the bottom of it all. So, how can you determine what really causes performance problems?

Building Minion Community

What makes a really successful technology? Along with actually having a strong technology that’s robust, flexible, and code-able, you also have to foster a strong community. Users come together and help each other in ways that continue to surprise me and that’s why we’re thrilled to be building Minion community.

The $2,000 cup of coffee

What’s the most expensive cup of coffee you’ve ever bought? Was it $6, $8, $15? Try a cup of coffee that cost $2,000. And worst yet, it was made at home. Let me tell you a tale of disaster recovery…