Building Minion Community

I’ve often asked myself what makes a really successful technology.  And I have to say that along with actually having a strong technology that’s robust, flexible, and code-able, you also have to foster a strong community.  Users come together and help each other in ways that continue to surprise me and that’s why we’re thrilled to be building Minion community.

Building Minion Community

We want our users to interact with each other.  We want our users to discuss their cool solutions to specific problems.  And of course we want them talking to each other and everyone else about how much they love our Minions, but we also want them talking about the bugs and shortcomings in the products as well.  The more they talk about these things, the more we’re likely to hear about them and can fix them.  Now, that hasn’t been a problem so far because our users are very particular and if something doesn’t work, they tell us.  But I can see a day when our community several thousand strong and we won’t hear about every issue then.

That’s another reason community is important.  We can not only solve problems, but our users can solve problems for us and distribute the solutions to each other.  In fact, that’s the exact reason we started our Community Zone.  We not only want a quick way to distribute solutions to all of our users, but we also want them to be able to post their own solutions for everyone else.  These solutions won’t be bug fixes, because we’re still in charge of the code base, but they are ways to get around problems they have in their shop. A good example is maybe you need to backup your resourcedb along with your other system DBs.  We’ve got a CZ solution for that.  Or maybe you need to report on the last time your DBs were backed up in the last nDays.  There’s also a CZ solution for that.

So we invite all of you to not only use our free maintenance products, but also to be part of the community.  Even if you’re just downloading solutions, that’s still a vital part of the community because you’re partaking of someone’s solution.  Your fellow users who upload their code love it when people use their solutions. And building Minion community isn’t just a nice-to-have for us, it’s one of our core tenets.

You can download our FREE maintenance modules below:
Minion Backup: Free SQL Server Backup utility with world-class enterprise features and full lifecycle management.
Minion Reindex: Free SQL Server Reindex utility with unmatched configurability.
Minion CheckDB: Free SQL Server CHECKDB that solves all of your biggest CHECKDB problems.