minion enterprise-01Minion Enterprise

The full suite of enterprise management modules for SQL Server. Minion Enterprise is an enterprise management solution for centralized SQL Server management and alerting. Minion Enterprise includes and centralizes all of the Enterprise modules. Sign up for your 90 day trial on the Minion Enterprise page.

Minion Core

The basis for solid SQL management. Windows, SQL Server, object scripts, indexes, and more.

Minion Security

Make security effortless.

Minion Space

Database growth projection, table size prediction, index space estimation.

minion backup-01-tinyMinion Backup

The new standard in SQL Server backups.

minion reindex-01-tinyMinion Reindex

Fully automated, deeply customizable index maintenance.

minion check DB-01-tinyMinion CheckDB

Full featured database integrity tool with useful, extensive logging. Coming soon!