MinionWare releases Minion Enterprise 2.2!

minion enterprise-01Minion Enterprise 2.2 is a big jump forward, with user cloning, new collections, bug fixes, and so very much more. Sign up to download ME 2.2!

Here is a brief list of new features and improvements:

  • Improved collection speed by 80%
  • Clone users – This module allows you to completely script and clone logins, with associated users and permissions, to one or more servers in the environment. (See User Scripting and Cloning.)
  • Script logins – The Logins module pulls SQL Server login information from managed servers. This gives you a record of all logins – and their create date, default database, language, login type, policy enforcement, and more – for the entire enterprise. This is the foundation for a huge amount of security-related functionality, including research, alerts, and audits. (See User Scripting and Cloning.)
  • Script database objects to the repository database, to the file system, or both.
  • Script jobs – The Script Jobs module fully scripts out SQL Agent jobs on a regular schedule. Jobs can be scripted to the database, file system, or both.
  • Expanded the database properties collection.
  • Collect instance properties to the Collector.InstanceProperties table.
  • Enhanced alerts – Alerts have more expansive defer and exception capabilities, and a brand new night mode!
  • New administrator role login alert – Receilve alerts when logins join or leave admin roles in SQL Server.
  • New SMB shares collection.
  • Track drive capacity change report.
  • Predict drive space report. (See Managing and Projecting Disk Space.)
  • Predict file size report.
  • Predict table size reports.
  • New Availability Group collections.
  • Searchable online documentation on

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