I like the reports that it sends out about my environment holistically and it isn’t obnoxious. It only tells me when there is a problem and runs silently when there isn’t.

Andrea A.

Senior SQL Server Administrator

…the system allows you to create additional functionality/customizations for your environment/needs.

Jamie W.

Database Engineer


Minion CheckDB Logo

If you want to get a broader reaching maintenance system set up, I recommend using Minionware’s free scripts: http://minionware.net

Rob D.

Brand Representative

I was looking at my index frag levels and I ran my typical index stats query…it returned nothing.  I was like what the hell.  So I removed my where clause and then cross checked it with the Minion tables.  I’ll be damned, all my fragmentation is handled.  Indexes looked great…awesome stuff.

Michael D.

Sr. Database Administrator

Minion Backup


…they do offer highly-configurable pre-built solutions in wide use across the world.  Minion Reindex in particular allows gathering of fragmentation information outside the maintenance window.

Paul W.

SQL Server Consultant